One day pass @MYR250/pax
*Please make your reservation in advance to ensure the best experience. Above prices are for one adult. Half price only for kids(7-11years old)from Monday to Thursday.
This is a package without stay but still be able to taste the ultimate durian. From 11 am to 7pm, the same day, you will have 2 durian tasting session. Choose the durian (on variety) that you like and tell the differences in terms of texture for the first durian tasting session. At around 1pm, we will give a durian tour talk about Durian Seng’s farm life and his durian trees. You’ll learn some skills on durian choosing. We might have a cooking class that teach you on some durian products making. Before the sunset, we will have the second durian testing session. This session let you taste the complex-flavouring durian flesh from the durian comes from the old trees (around 40 years old). You will also stand a chance to taste the numbing flavour of durian. This is a unique taste that always makes people unforgettable memory.

宝盛园一日配套 @250马币/一人
(早上11点到晚上7点期间) 无限量食用榴莲 (包括麻痹榴莲) 和其他热带水果,优质榴莲园观光,学习挑选榴莲和体验拾榴莲活动。