Bao Sheng Tatami 2days 1night stay @MYR600/room (2 pax)
Twin-sharing room with two single beds and shared bathroom with water heater inside. Durian trees are just outside your room where you can touch it and feel the nature fresh air of the farm. There is a 33ft swimming pool beside the rooms.

Bao Sheng standard villa 2days 1night stay @MYR700/room (2 pax)
Twin-sharing room with one queen size bed and private bathroom with water heater attached inside the room. Small garden and a small pool right besides the front door. Nice spot for sunset at around 7.00pm.

Bao Sheng Deluxe villa 2days 1night stay @MYR800/room (2 pax)
Twin-sharing room with one queen size bed and private bathroom with water heater attached inside the room. A LED television and a refrigerator inside the room. All glass door surrounded can be opened so to feel the nature, fresh air and the 33ft swimming pool are right besides the room.

Activity included for stay:
Stay with Durian seng for an unforgettable durain experience with our three personalized tasting sessions.

Enjoy your first durian tasting experience at check-in when we will explore the differences in texture and flavor between the different varieties.

Around sunset, you’ll enjoy a second durian tasting focusing on the complex-flavors that arise in durians from old trees (around 40+ years old) while enjoy the epic view from our Western-facing dining area. Sunset is around 7-8pm.

In the morning before leaving, you’ll have the chance to taste the numbing flavour of durian. This is a unique flavour that disappears in 1-2 hours after the durian has dropped. Once you taste it, you will never forget.
On top of durian eating, we provide local dinner and breakfast (cooked food).

You are also welcome to join the premium durian tour with Durian Seng, who will share his farm experiences and teach you about the durian orchard. You will search for durian in the orchard and pick up the durian from the bushes or the netting. Learn how to choose durian and tell the flavour of the durian flesh from the outside of durian without even opening the durian! Do you dare to learn?

If you want more activity, we also provide a yoga room and a cafe/library where you can read books and have your fresh smoothies served on your table. There is a spring water pool you may dip yourself in it. The rejuvenating fresh water comes from the top of the mountain. You may also explore the waterfall nearby, 5-min walk away from Bao sheng or take a bike to somewhere far (but not too far please). The availbility of bikes is first-come-first-serve. Addtionally, we might have a cooking class to teach you on some durian products making.

宝盛园榻榻米2天1夜套餐 @300马币/一人

宝盛园标准别墅2天1夜套餐 @350马币/一人

宝盛园豪华别墅2天1夜套餐 @400马币/一人


从下午3点入住到次日中午12点退房期间, 无限量食用榴莲(包括麻痹味榴莲)和其他应季热带水果, 优质榴莲园观光, 榴梿品尝, 学习挑选榴莲和体验拾榴莲活动。您的早餐, 午餐, 晚餐都以榴梿和其他水果蔬菜为正餐。